What can LG Educational Solutions do for you?

If your child has been struggling TO CATCH UP, yet you know she is capable, we can help. We help students find their strengths and create strategies of learning that really work. As certified master practitioners we help students change their entire approach to learning.Students who work with us have a new approach to learning based on their learning style, and they love to learn. We have learning solutions.

If you are a parent who is struggling to help your child be successful or just struggling as a parent of special needs kids, we help you create family change. As certified master practitioner coaches, we help parents become independent of their child’s issues and become supportive of their child again. Both kids and parents create independence and family harmony again. We have family solutions.

If you are a parent or student who is wondering about college and career, and/or how to find, finance and pay for college, we help parents with this as well. As certified college planning consultants, we help students plan and launch their future, help parents fill out their financial aid forms and plan to get as much “free” money for college as possible. We have financial solutions.

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